About the Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan illustration.

CSUF's Campus Physical Master Plan is our blueprint for providing a safe, sustainable, welcoming and cohesive learning environment that supports student success into the future.

The Campus Master Plan is typically updated every 10 years, with the current plan completed in 2003. Since then, Cal State Fullerton has met maximum enrollment capacity, becoming the most populous campus in the California State University system. The new plan seeks to maximize available space, while supporting Cal State Fullerton’s core academic mission, vision and strategic plan.

The Campus Master Plan will consider existing and anticipated facility needs, deferred maintenance of aging buildings, pedestrian circulation, traffic, parking, athletic facilities, signage, safety and security, sustainability and evolving technologies that support student learning.

The plan will aim to uphold our iconic university by accentuating campus landmarks and outlining strategies to enhance its appearance.  The Campus Master Plan will also address Cal State Fullerton’s impact and fit with surrounding neighborhoods, working in partnership with the City of Fullerton, other government agencies and community groups.

After months of public input and consultations across our campus and community, the Final Physical Master Plan has been established.

Thank you to all our campus stakeholders for your input an support in developing the final plan.